Without a doubt, the past two and a half years have been stressful.

As we start to emerge from COVID restrictions and acclimatise to supply issues now is not the time to relax vigilance, quite the opposite applies… 

This short update flags up business and personal planning tasks that you may benefit from attending to, early in the new tax year.

Do not forget 2021-22 self-assessment tax return

A major advantage in completing tax returns as soon as possible after the tax year end, 5th April 2022, is being aware up upcoming tax payments several months in advance of payments falling due. It will also open space for consideration of planning matters that may have a positive impact on your overall tax position.

Our request, please send in your tax papers for 2021-22 as soon as you can.

Business accounts

The same considerations apply to business accounts. Let us have your accounting records – unless we have access to them via your cloud accounting software – so that we can not only advise of tax matters but also discuss any business issues before they become intangible, unsolvable problems.

And finally, how are you?

With the best of intentions, we cannot always be available to take your calls, although we will always aim to return calls as quickly as possible.

But we do have a mutual interest in supporting your success. In which case, your financial and business problems are also our problems.

So please, if you have concerns, share them. As we emerge from this difficult, unprecedented, period of disruption, let us see if we can improve your position by posing solutions – and opening up opportunities – based on the problems you present.

Pick up the phone, be good to catch up.

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